Specifics of Chengdu Panda Asian Food Festival
2019-05-14 16:44:57 Source: Organizers

I. Opening Ceremony

Time: 9:30-10:30 a.m. (Thursday), May 16, 2019

Venue: Chengdu Museum, Wind & Rain Hall

With a theme of "Tracing the origin of gourmet food and sharing the distinctive characteristics", the event aims to promote exchanges and mutual development between the civilizations of Asia and other regions.

II. China (Chengdu) International Culinary Culture Exhibition

The exhibition is comprised of four sections. All exhibitions are free to visitors with valid documents.

1. "Food, Basic Essential of Life -- A Cultural Tour at the Dining Table" Show  

Time: April 30, 2019 (Tuesday) - June 9, 2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Chengdu Museum, 3F, Hall No.4

2. A Document Exhibition on Chinese Delicacies (Recipes)

Time: May 15, 2019 (Wednesday) - June 15, 2019 (Saturday)

Venue: Chengdu Museum, 4F, Public Area of the Southern Section

3. "Follow Your Taste" Chengdu Panda Asia Food Festival (CPAFF) · International Food Photography Exhibit

Time: May 15, 2019 (Wednesday) - May 22, 2019 (Wednesday)

Venue: Chengdu Museum, 4F, Atrium

4. Cloud Audiovisual Film Broadcast of Food

Time: May 15, 2019 (Wednesday) - May 22, 2019 (Wednesday)

Venue: Chengdu Museum, 1F, Multifunctional Hall

III. A Bite of Civilization - China (Chengdu) International Culinary Culture Summit Forum

Time: 14:00-17:20  May 15, 2019 (Wednesday)

Venue: Wanda Reign Chengdu, Banquet Hall

The forum is divided into three parts: "Exchange & Integration", "Cross-industry & Innovation" and "Inheritance & Perseverance". Themed "Learning From Other Civilizations Through Food", the forum will feature experts from the gastronomy industry and other related sectors worldwide to share their stories on food cultures, inheritance and innovation in the culinary industry through keynote speeches and round-table talks.

IV.Experiencing Life Aesthetics in Chengdu

Time: May 15 (Wednesday) - May 19, 2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Wide and Narrow Lanes, Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding, Jinshan Site Museum, Chengdu Planning Exhibition Hall, Chengdu Greenway Park on the Jinjiang River Beach, China Sichuan Cuisine Museum (Pidu District)

The CPAFF invites guests to come to visit Chengdu and experience life in Chengdu.

V. Asian Cuisine Carnival

At the Asian Cuisine Carnival, guests from across the world can taste and appreciate delicacies, as well as share their experiences. Public participation is encouraged.

1. "A Bite of Asia" Food Culture and Tourism Day

The activities promote Asian cuisine, culture and tourism resources to strengthen mutual understanding and friendship, and build a platform for exchanges, focusing on one country (region) every day.

(1) "A Bite of Siam" & Chengdu Thailand Week 2019

Time: May 15-19 2019

Venue: Outdoor Square, Renhe Spring International Plaza, Guanghua Community, Qingyang District, Chengdu

(2) "A Bite of Israel" Food and Tourism Day

Time: 17:00-21:00, May 16, 2019

Venue: Metro Square, Hongxing Road Pedestrian Street

(3) "A Bite of Singapore" Niangya Cultural Week Serial Activities

Time: May 15-June 14, 2019

Venue: 3rd Floor of Cultural and Creative Area, Chengdu Museum

(4) "A Bite of Pakistan" Food Week

Time: May 18-31, 2019

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu Cafe Z and its outside area

(5) "A Bite of Hong Kong", Hong Kong, China Thematic Day

Time: May 19, 2019 (Sunday)

Venue: Lan Kwai Fong Chengdu

(6) "A Bite of the ROK" Food Tasting Event

Time: 17:30-20:00, May 20, 2019 (Monday)

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu

(7) "A Bite of Japan" Japan Quality Days

Opening Ceremony: 14:00-15:00, May 21 (Tuesday)

Venue: Ito Plaza (Greenland)

(8) "A Bite of Macao", Macao, China Thematic Day

Time: 14:00-17:30, May 19 (Sunday), 2019

Venue: Qing'an Vegetarian Restaurant

2. "Tianfu Family Banquet" - Appreciating Asian Cuisine

Time: 19:00-21:00, May 14, 2019

Venue: Wanda Reign Chengdu

Tianfu Family Banquet invites 200 guests from Asian countries to personally witness the making of every dish. Guests are encouraged to exchange views and learn from each other.

3. Asian Celebrity Chef Gala

Time: 10:00-12:00, May 15 (Wednesday), 2019

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu

Michelin star chefs, representative chefs from the Asian capitals of the gastronomy, top chefs of Black Pearl Guide Award-winning restaurants, top chefs of all kinds of Chinese cuisines, and delegates from relevant associations will be invited to the Gala to display their specialty dishes.

4. Launch Ceremony of Black Pearl Chief Chefs Club & Forum

Time: 14:00, May 16

Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Chengdu

The Black Pearl Chief Chefs Club will be launched, China Fine Dining Industry Report 2019 will be released.

5. Asian Gourmet Lover's Festival: A Universal Gourmet Carnival

A total of 100 local restaurants will be providing a 25 percent discount on main meals and 50 percent off light food. Restaurants are encouraged to join in the Chengdu "Sichuan Cuisine Going Global" initiative.

6. CPAFF Asian Hotpot Festival

Time: May 11 (Saturday) - May 22 (Wednesday)

Venue: Tiexiangsi Temple Water Street, Chengdu; Chengdu Century City New International Convention and Exhibition Center (CCNICEC); InterContinental Chengdu Century City Hotel.

VI. The Opening Ceremony of the Second International Youth Students' Culinary Arts Festival & China High-level Forum on Culinary Education 2019

Time: May 19-20, 2019

Venue: Jinjiang Hotel, Chengdu, China; Sichuan Tourism University

Culinary educators from China and abroad are invited. A culinary arts exhibition and culinary skills competition will be organized to show the unique charm of Chengdu's gastronomic culture to the world.