Joint Exhibition of Asian Civilizations (Artifact Exhibition Series) -- An Encounter with National Treasures, A Glimpse of Rich History and Culture
2019-04-17 14:08:03 Source: Preparatory Committee of Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

The Joint Exhibition of Asian Civilizations (Artifact Exhibition Series) features the theme of "brilliant Asian civilizations: exploring historical origins and promoting shared diversity".

It is aimed at highlighting the time-honored history and multicultural fusion of Asian civilizations, exploring their evolution process, reviewing their past dialogue, exchanges and mutual learning with each other, inheriting and promoting outstanding accomplishments achieved by their people, and facilitating exchanges and mutual learning among various nations, countries and civilizations across Asia.

Several artifact exhibitions under the joint exhibition's framework will be held to display selected artifacts from Asian countries from April to August at the National Museum of China, China National Convention Center and the Tsinghua University Art Museum respectively, including "Promoting Shared Diversity: A Joint Exhibition of Asian Civilizations", "Sharing a Common Future: An Exhibition of Treasures from the Collection of National Museums along the Silk Road" and the exhibition "Treasures of Afghanistan".

In addition, several public lectures will be hosted by the National Museum of China and other museums where historians and archaeologists will be invited to make presentations on Asian civilizations.