Asian Cuisine Festival in Beijing -- Appreciating "Inheritance, Innovation and Integration"
2019-04-17 14:08:03 Source: Preparatory Committee of Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

With the theme of "tasting delicious Asian cuisines, enjoying the beautiful scenery of Beijing and appreciating the culture of the ancient capital", the Asian Cuisine Festival in Beijing mainly centers on three areas of cuisine culture: taste, technique and utensil etiquette.

Diversely themed exhibitions will be launched, highlighting the concepts of inheritance, innovation and integration in cuisine culture.

A wide range of Asian cuisines will be displayed via demonstrations, commentated performances and audience interaction in a vivid and appealing manner.

During the festival, a forum on Asian cuisine culture will also be held. Figures from various cuisine-related fields such as sci-tech, economy, finance, investment, cultural media, education and well-known cuisine brands will join to exchange ideas on and discuss the role of outstanding cuisine in enhancing Asian cultural exchanges.

Authoritative reports on the current state of the Asian cuisine industry and consumption trends will be issued. A Cuisine Theme Day will be held in numerous restaurants across Beijing to promote the consumption of delicious cuisine and enhance people’s sense of participation and satisfaction.