Welcome to Asian Civilization Parade
2019-04-17 14:08:03 Source: Preparatory Committee of Conference on Dialogue of Asian Civilizations

The Asian Civilization Parade, themed "Asian Civilization, Global Integration", consists of three parts: miniature landscape floats, landscape interaction and a costume show.

The parade includes approximately 30 performance teams composed of over 10 international teams from Asia and other continents and over 10 teams from different provinces of China to highlight the magnificent civilizations of both Asia and the world.

The costume show, a window to Asian civilizations, will be displayed in four parts: Splendid China, Asian Style, Charming China, and Welcome to Beijing.

At the same time, in order to create a lively atmosphere and demonstrate the cultures of different countries and regions, miniature landscape floats of a distinctive Asian style will be arranged in the form of paper-arts, with "green and environmental protection" as the design concept.

Symbolic buildings and cultural symbols of Asian countries will be artistically designed and made with environmentally-friendly materials.

This shows that China vigorously advocates the concept of environmental protection and sustainable development. Apart from the costume show and miniature landscape floats, Asian civilizations will be demonstrated through "landscape walls" and "unique graffiti". Decorations for the parade will echo those of the Asian Cuisine Festival to be held at the same time, so as to depict a picturesque scene where different civilizations learn from each other.